Sunday, October 19, 2014

Pumpkin Patch

  Maliyah was so excited. She had no idea she was goning to the pumpkin patch. Riding on the pony was the best. She told me she kept telling the pony "Getty up".  Maliyah talked about "The pumpkins" for days after going. Face painting was new for her and it actually looked really good. It made her sad when she smeared it. 
  What a good time Andre had as well. I tell him all the time, this is why capturing photos help persevere memories we hope she'll never forget. On another note, thumbs up Andre on the rain boots. They're cute and came in handy. 

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Steven's 55th Birthday

  Today is Steven's 55th birthday. Let's say what a blessing. He seems to be having a great day and enjoyed having us over to take some birthday photos. Being able to spend some of his birthday time with Maliyah was special to him. 

Monday, September 1, 2014

September 1, 2014

  Labor Day September 1st already. Not to busy of a day but busy enough. The weather was warm and descent. The boys and I woke up and took care of some family business. While we were out I took advantage of the time and togetherness and captures some pictures. I didn't have to give them the "Smile and act right" talk. I'm glad. For the record it gets old. SO YOU KNOW: That's why they're not in a lot of pictures. 

After dropping they boys off and now having some time to myself I decided to come visit my grandparents. What a good feeling this gives me. 

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Oregon Zoo Trip

 What a great day we had with our granddaughter at the ZOO. She was so excited to get up and get ready for our day. I hope that she will always remember this day and know how much Steven (grandpa) and I (grandma) love her.
  From the time that we left the house all she wanted to see was the "Monkeys". Steven assured her that we would definitely see the Monkeys. Starting out on our ZOO journey we made many stops. The very first was the sea Otter. WOW, what a large animal. Being that close (to me) was amazing. We tried to follow the ZOO map, but that didn't work out. We kept getting sided tracked.

  It was time for a snack break. 1 1/2 hours into it we needed some food energy. We made a McDonalds trip before coming to the ZOO. Steven and I both brought water for all of us to drink. Good looking out! #thinkingahead

Gave Steven the camera. At first I didn't think I'd like this photo but the more I looked at it, I started to love the way it came out. Who would have thought. 
Maliyah wanted to take a picture with the Lioness. Steven sat her on it. WAIT! The brass that it was made of was hot so he had to hold her. A brass Lion was right next to it. 
"Look at the Elephants" . Maliyah was excited to see the Elephants plus to see them playing among each other. Kicking up dirt and pushing each other with their trunks. 

As we took another rest Maliyah took a picture of Steven and I. While dong so, she changed the picture setting to black and white. I LOVE IT! Just to mention... I almost deleted this photo. Glad I didn't. 
One last group photo before we head out. I brought my gorilla tri pod.  Comes in handy when trying to get a group shot. Yes we're tired and hot, but had to capture the moment. Say cheese! 

Say what!!!! Are those elephant ears? Oh yes, I'm getting one. I love these things. It was large, warm and yummy. I shared some with Steven and Maliyah. I sure would have liked to have had two but at $5 each I don't think so. 
 Ok, somebody was getting tired. Oh, that's a sign it was time to go for sure. We have now been at the ZOO for 3 hours. Who would have thought we'd pull that move? Steven carried Maliyah for a while to rest her tiny legs, but she had the little engine that could energy to finish out our trip. 
 I put together a photo college of Steven with Maliyah and Maliyah on the swing. Steven and I had the best time with her. We enjoy being apart of her growing up. These will hopefully be memories we will always remember. 

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Johnson Get Together

  Today our Johnson family got together for a family picnic. This is our 2nd time getting together. No special reason just because... We're family. For the past two times we got together at Kenton Park in North Portland. This has been a great spot. The weather has been perfect not to hot and uncomfortable. 
  It was good to see everybody. There were a few faces that didn't make last time, so to see them today was a treat. 

As everyone was getting ready to live cousin Tamara rounded everyone up for one BIG (still not everybody) family photo. 
Thanks again everyone for coming out. See you next time. 

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Summer Picture

Today started off as a simple regular day. Maliyah running around doing her thang, Anthony getting ready for work and Andre coming back from work. I as usual was trying to capture my photo a day. What GREAT timing. Went outside to sit with the boys and I noticed WHAMMY the four of us are all together.... Quick get my phone (which is my camera). Had my nephew snap pictures. He did a GREAT JOB!! The colors, the attitudes and the lighting was perfect. Can't wait to scrapbook these pictures. 

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Fishing Trip

  My friend and coworker Jae loves to fish. Every sense I've met her she's been talking about going and having me come along. Well this time I took her up on it. The weather was sunny and nice (around 80 ish degrees). Harriet Lake here we come. From Portland the trip there was about 1 1/2 hrs long. 
  The wilderness is very pretty and peaceful.  Listening to nature be nature is priceless. I'm not the camping type but this outing was perfect.  While Jae set herself up to fish I checked out the scenery for some photo shots. SCORE!! I took LOTS of selfie shots. Jae laughed at me multiple times. Lol. 
  We were there for about 2 hours. During that time Jae caught 12 fish. I wish I knew how to post video because I recorded her reeling them in. GO JAE!!! Oh, let me say there is one thing I will remember... BRING A COOLER WITH FOOD AND DRINKS. I ment to ask Jae if there was anything I should bring. My fault. Trust me I'll know for next time. I had to go to work, so later on that night Jae fried up the fish and brought some to work. YUMMMMMY! Nothing like fresh fish. Thanks again Jae. :)