Friday, May 29, 2015

Memorial Day

Today this 2015 Memorial Day I went and visited my grandparents grave site. As I'm driving to their site I felt the urge to snap a photo of the view I seen while waiting in line of all the swaying flags. For me it was emotional. As I kept going seeing love ones standing or sitting with their passed away family or friends brought tears to my eyes. YOU ARE LOVED!

I've parked and walked up to my grandparents site. I just break down in tears. I cried for about 30 minutes. I miss them so much. I found myself standing over them looking down with tears falling. When I go to visit I like to snap a photo of my looking down view of their grave site. Taking a picture of myself with my hand on their grave stone makes me think I'm touching them. YOU ARE LOVED & MISSED.
When I sit here I think . I think of my feelings, the memories and my life sense my grandparents have been gone. I wish they could be here to see their great grandkids who now have kids of their own. I feel sad that they aren't here. They would be pleased.  GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Voo Doo Doughnuts

Maliyah and I woke up Sunday morning and the first thing that came to mind was Voo Doo Doughnuts ( . Well enough said we went and bought some doughnuts. We stood in line for 20 minutes and I was totally ok with that. There's something to be said about a sweets craving.

The location on Sandy is the one we went to.

I love my granddaughter Maliyah. She was such a trooper while we waited in line.

It's looking better. We can now at least see the inside.

Look at all these yummy choices.There's so much sugar spinning around. WHO CARES!

At first I thought this doughnut would be to much for her, but she proved me wrong and ate the whole thing. What a big girl.

Can you say YUMMY?  Selfie eat a doughnut picture.

After my mom heard me talking about how yummy my bacon maple bar was she wanted one. This was her first time there. We snapped photos so she could share with her sisters in Florida. Aniyah (my niece) didn't really know what to think. Lol

Friday, May 8, 2015

Kipling 100 Pens Pencil Case

  Can you say LOVE IT! After seeing multiple people on social media with the Kipling 100 Pen Pencil Case I said enough already I WANT ONE! That's exactly what I did. Went on a hunt for it. My first and only stop was Amazon. SCORE! 

These pens I'd love to put all of them inside my Kipling but unfortunately I need to make a choice. 

These Creative Memories pens (in the containers) are my true favorite. For a while there I misplaced these pens and luckily I found them. 

Captured a photo showing everything I'm storing in my Kipling. It's pretty packed. 

1). Midori Travelers Notebook Passport size
2). Amy Tangerine mini stapler
3). Ali Edwards journaling cards 
4). Simple Stories journaling pen
5). Amy Tangerine mini scissors
6). Yellow Paper journaling book
7). Heidi Swapp acrylic stamps 
8). Heidi Swapp mini number wooden stamps
9). Technique Tuesday acrylic journaling lines stamp
10). Twine 
11). Post It note pads
12). Stabilo point 88 pen. Fine 0.4
13). Papermate mechanical pencil 0.5
14). Black Sharpie 
15). Uni-ball SIGNO white pen
16). Papermate comfortable ultra 1.0m
17). Marvy CALLIGRAPHY pen 3.5
18). Washi tape
19). BIC white-out
20). TOMBOW N15 pen
21). Sticky thumb mounting tape
22). Amy Tangerine date stamp
23). Amy Tangerine glue stick
24). Papermate pink pearl eraser
25). Heidi Swapp interchangeable stamp
26). Clear stamping block

Every thing is in. This will be perfect for me on the go.

For those that are wondering which Kipling I got I'm including the label. They come in various colors but as always I went with black.

New 2015 Eyewear

It's been 2 years. Time to get an eye exam and hopefully keep my same eye prescription. Let's just say within the next hour I'll know what's really going on. I can tell my vision has changed but I'm hoping not to drastically. Every sense I turned 40 that's when my vision changed and I need readers. Wow, getting older is something else. 

Here I am and now I wait. The doctor should be in shortly. I'm ready to get this over with. 

I decided to go with these frames by Marc Jacobs. A little different for me. The lens are larger than what I'm use to. 

Liking that the frames aren't bulky. 

If you haven't noticed yes I still need glasses AND my vision has changed. I knew it! I could totally tell. The exam wasn't that bad. It went quick and pain free. Hmmm.... Never known an eye exam to be painful. Lol. I should have my glasses back within 7 days. Here's to another 2 years. 

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Happy 48th Birthday

Woke up this morning next to my special granddaughter. I love her so much. I hope when she looks back on these and other photos there will be a special place in her heart for cherished moments. 

I'm up headed to a well needed hair appointment for braids. This is NOT a good look for me.

First I needed to make a stop by the post office. Incoming.... My tripod arrived from Amazon. Now taking pictures should be a whole lot better and hopefully easier. 

Yahoo! My Kate Spade iPhone 6 plus cell phone case arrived. Nice. It came from China. This was my first time ordering from out of the USA. It took a while for it to arrive but overall I like what I bought. 

Yep, had to get some pictures of her today. Maliyah wanted to make silly faces  so I let her do it. 

Maliyah wanted to take another photo of us being silly. BAM .... here it is. I love her so much. Something about letting her do whatever she wants. #grandmalove 

Here I am taking a birthday selfie. In case you didn't know I love taking selfies. 

Sprussed up the photo with some word swag. 

My BFF friend Patty. We are like to peas. 

My Instagram friend Karen made this collage and posted it on social media. I love it!! 

Went to Sephora with my cousin. I tried on some Kat Von D lipstick. The color is called Vampira. 

My son Anthony snaps a photo of me before I head out to my birthday gathering. Hands full with presents for other April birthday friends.

What a beautiful view in the back of the Columbia river and the sail boats at play.

Courtney and I have been friends for almost and if not 10 years plus. What a sweet heart to have in my life. I thank her so much.

Wine samples.... YUMMY! Did I have a favorite? I'm not sure I enjoyed them all. I will admit I did share two glasses with two of my quest. This is something on the menu I'll definitely order again. If I remember correctly it was on the happy hour menu.  

Lisa and Laura. It was really good to see them and to have them come help celebrate my birthday was even better. 

Couldn't have a birthday celebration without a drink with my BFF (best friend forever) Patty. 

Yes we went there on the greedy side. I ordered us a baked cobbler dessert. We shared and it was delicious!