Friday, November 20, 2015

Pips Original Doughnuts

Yummy!  Today was my first time going to Pip's and I liked it. The doughnuts were tiny and yummy. They had a totally different taste than any other doughnut's I've had. When I got there I thought I could just walk up and order... NOPE! There was a line hanging outside the door. Oh and let me add it was pouring down raining. 30 minutes later it was my turn to order. I ordered doughnuts and coffee... How original. I got it to go, but I ended up staying there to eat. I snapped some photos to document the outing. 

How cute is this little buddy. Had to pick up this little field note size notebook. It's for documenting doughnuts. CUTE!!

Monday, September 28, 2015

Missing You Both

It's been over 7 years. I'm still missing my grandparents as if it was yesterday. Some days for me are harder than others. I can't help but be thankful for the time I did have with them and the memories they gave me. Coming to visit them feels right. When I'm there I feel guilty for leaving. Growing up I had this phobia about grave sites. All that changed when it hit close to home for me. Taking multiple pictures while I'm there is a must. I want no misunderstanding of my documentation of me visiting them. Putting this blog post together brings tears to my eyes. 

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

30 Year High School Class Reunion

Our Grant High School 1985 Rose Festival Rose Court. Then...
Our 1985 Rose Court now 2015. This year our 30th class reunion was held at A & L Pub on 60th and Glisan. The festivities were held on Friday and Saturday. The Pub gathering was Friday. Saturdays event is being held at a class mates house out in Ridgefield, WA. I wasn't able to make that event but seeing the photos on Facebook of the day looked so fun.
Deborah, Dennis and Me
Glad to see Dennis. Haven't seen him in years. I've been hearing through the grape vine he was asking about me and how I've been.
Nita, Emily and Darla. Check out all the photo bombing going on.
Nita and Darla. I see Nita all the time. Now Darla I haven't seen her in years. Good to see her as always. 
Nita and Tony (twins). 

Deborah and Me
Nita, Emily and Darla
Lisa, Nita and Darla all three are good people. 
Nita, Erin and Becky
Nita, Deborah and Elizabeth

Darla and Deborah
Sam Lashley (in the red shirt) .... OMG what a good site to see. I've been knowing him sense 6th grade at Beaumont Middle School all the way through high school. He has always been a nice and friendly guy. His mom and my mom worked at the school district together.

2015 Johnson Family Picnic

What a GREAT time we all had this year at the family picnic. We are three years strong with getting together as a family. Kenton Park has been a perfect spot to gather. Looking forward to getting together next year. Lots of snapping pictures. So many different camera views. I loved every minute of it. Keep the memories coming!

What a shot. Seeing Jr. sitting on cousin Greg's bike. So many of us thought for sure Jr. was gonna take it for a spin.
Judy, Barbara and Jr. just sitting back and taking it all in.

Michael with his mom Diane.These are my cousins.

Erica (my cousin) with her grandmother (My aunt.My grandfathers sister)

Missy, Trinity, Me and Tierra

Tierra, cousin Debrah, cousin Anthony, Me and cousin Michael

My aunt Barbara and uncle Jr.. Cousin Deborah had a family game of trivia for all of us to play.

Cousin Erica, Missy and cousin Anthony

Missy, cousin Erica, Me, cousin Kim, Tierra, cousin Dominque and cousin Michael's daughter

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Welcome Baby Kennedy

Getting the call that it's time was great to hear. Kristina was so ready to give birth. She was a cute pregnant mommie.

Once baby Kennedy comes out this warmer will be waiting for her.

How precious. Kristina is seeing baby Kennedy for the first time. Kennedy arrived via C-section. 8 pounds 6 ounces. 

New daddy meeting his 2nd born for the first time. So proud of Andre. Being a parent not once but twice is a job. I'm confident he and Kristina will do their best and with nothing but love involved all the way.