Friday, February 13, 2015

My Orla Kiely Weekender Bag

  I'm glad I picked this Orla Kiely weekender bag up from Target. It's actually a cosmetic bag but I've seen many people fill them in various ways.
  Inside mine it's packed with mix media products. Sprays, inks, doodling pad, water colors, brushes etc. 

  So glad I purchased this bag. Having it packed for a grab and go will be perfect. 

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Kipling 100 Pens Pencil Case

  Can you say LOVE IT! After seeing multiple people on social media with the Kipling 100 Pen Pencil Case I said enough already I WANT ONE! That's exactly what I did. Went on a hunt for it. My first and only stop was Amazon. SCORE! 

These pens I'd love to put all of them inside my Kipling but unfortunately I need to make a choice. 

These Creative Memories pens (in the containers) are my true favorite. For a while there I misplaced these pens and luckily I found them. 

Captured a photo showing everything I'm storing in my Kipling. It's pretty packed. 

1). Midori Travelers Notebook Passport size
2). Amy Tangerine mini stapler
3). Ali Edwards journaling cards 
4). Simple Stories journaling pen
5). Amy Tangerine mini scissors
6). Yellow Paper journaling book
7). Heidi Swapp acrylic stamps 
8). Heidi Swapp mini number wooden stamps
9). Technique Tuesday acrylic journaling lines stamp
10). Twine 
11). Post It note pads
12). Stabilo point 88 pen. Fine 0.4
13). Papermate mechanical pencil 0.5
14). Black Sharpie 
15). Uni-ball SIGNO white pen
16). Papermate comfortable ultra 1.0m
17). Marvy CALLIGRAPHY pen 3.5
18). Washi tape
19). BIC white-out
20). TOMBOW N15 pen
21). Sticky thumb mounting tape
22). Amy Tangerine date stamp
23). Amy Tangerine glue stick
24). Papermate pink pearl eraser
25). Heidi Swapp interchangeable stamp
26). Clear stamping block

Every thing is in. This will be perfect for me on the go.

For those that are wondering which Kipling I got I'm including the label. They come in various colors but as always I went with black.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015


  I've always had a little addiction to journals and planners but as time goes on I've grown more and more into them. It's something about being able to jot down memories, feelings, quotes, prayers, jokes etc.. When it comes to these cuties I haven't wrote anything in them yet except one. I feel like a journal horder. 
  When I look for journals the thing(s) I look for are 1⃣. The cover 2⃣. Ruled line space 3⃣. Size of the journal and 4⃣. How useful will it be for me. For 2015 I'm going to work on using what I have and not ordering or buying more. Let me start that TODAY! 
  In the photos below hopefully you can see the type of journals I have in my stash. My shoe journal (A favorite of mine) has photos of all my shoes of when/where I've bought them. I had a fun time putting that together. That's one I was totally committed to from start to finish. Adding to it will be easy. I say that because I know I'll be buying more shoes. Lol. 

  Look at these pretty colors. Pokadots... LOVE THEM!! 

Thursday, January 1, 2015

January 1, 2015

Happy January 1, 2015. How was New Years Eve? I didn't do much. I stayed home and pampered my cold. Luckily I'm on the down side of it. Not really much to say other than I'm happy to have spent the day with my family. Here's a little photo journal of part of the day. 
My first "Carla" selfie of 2015. This is my first of many. 

Maliyah with her dad (Andre). I try to capture more pictures with them together, but it doesn't all ways work out. I'm working on that for 2015. Steven (grandpa) with Andre and Maliyah I really like. For me with a quick glance Andre looks like Steven a lot. While Andre was growing up I never thought so. 
Maliyah and I topped of the evening with a Starbucks. We ordered to go, but we decided to sit and enjoy our drinks PLUS take a few selfies. 

Monday, December 29, 2014

Getting Planner Ready For 2015

  How exciting is it to get all prepared for another year PLUS get planner ready. OMG, there's so many planner choices. Sizes, colors, styles etc.. This year (2015) I'm going with the black and white planner binder style. For right now I'm thinking the three that I've decided to go with will each have their own purpose. Now, I don't have a favorite but eager to use them all. I will say the Kate Spade Wellesley will be for my daily use. 

  Isn't this Heidi Swapp memory planner (I picked the black & white stripes) the cutiest. Shhh, don't tell anyone but it's so cute I don't wanna use it. Lol. For right now I'm going to go with another style memory planner by Heidi. 

  This Heidi Swapp gold planner is working out for me. I've never been a gold person, but I'm loving this. Steping outside the box is what this planner is having me do. For the month of January I'm decorating with the theme around my word for the year... "BELIEVE". Documenting with one little thing everyday. 

  What lovely photos of me with my very pretty planners. Never thought I'd be so loving toward planners. It's so easy to become one with them. Seeing how some people decorate their monthly and weekly pages is amazing. I'm finding I treat mine like a journal as well as a calendar. 

  I would see online how people had cute planner dividers. I'm not sure how they made them, but I made mine using my own imagination. I used my Amy Tangerine (Plus One) paper pad and went from there. I really like how they turned out. I do wish I could laminate them. 

  I keep writing 2014... To help fix that I added 2015 using Amy Tangerine thickers. So far it's helping. Let me say again I LOVE THIS KATE SPADE (Wellesley) PLANNER! Every time I add something it makes it look that much better. 

Friday, December 12, 2014

2014 Christmas Season

  I surprised Maliyah today with a trip to the local Christmas tree farm. It's not big but big enough for our liking. She was so excited about being there which made it special to me. There wasn't a real Santa so taking a picture with a tall plastic one was right on point. From that point on we moved on to the rest of the farm in aww and taking pictures. 
  The smell of fresh Christmas trees we loved. 

Saturday, December 6, 2014

My 2014 Scrapbooking Commitment

I did it!!! This 2014 year I've really come to embrace my hobby even more. Posting on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and even starting my own Facebook group (LUVMYCREATIONS) page. Let me say again.... I LOVE THIS HOBBY!  Meeting so many other people on the internet (locally and far away) who enjoy this hobby just as much as I do is even more motivating. 

  This iPhone tripod holder comes EVERYWHERE with me. I make the room for it in my purse. It takes the place of asking my kids to take my picture all the time. I just set it up with my phone, than set the photo timer on my phone and BAM it's done. 

  I started scrapbooking with the traditional way back in 1999. Sense September 2013 I started with the projectlife (pocket pages) style. In this photo I'm showing how I store my page protectors ( Simple Stories and Becky Higgins projectlife). Having a system helps me stay organized. Once I start to get low on page protectors I place a sticky note letting me know I need to order. 

  Showing here are 6 page layouts I've done. I make sure I journal on each layout. I also make sure I'm in front and behind the camera. For me that's important when documenting my memories. 

  I have so many extra photos that I've started making little mini albums. In this photo I used the Stampin Up projectlife journaling cards (size 4x4). There was no right or wrong I just went for it. The picture theme was about "ME".... As usual. 

  What a great purchase. Back in January I picked up the Heidi Swapp memory planner from Michael's to document the months through pictures and journaling. Every month I've stayed committed. I will be doing it again using Heidi's planner for 2015. More on that when it arrives (had to pre-order). 

  Thanks to watching Amy Tangerines YouTube video I came across the storage products by Creative Options. I love them. I'm using them more and more for my scrapbooking needs. 

  I use a app on my iPhone called C.C. Days. It's synced with my Instagram account keeping track of the photos I post per day. At the end of each month I take a screen shot. I'm planning to put together a mini book at the end of the year.

  My 3 scrapbooking projects that I've stayed committed to for the 2014 year with pictures & journaling . Becky Higgins projectlife album D size 3 ring binder, Heidi Swapp memory planner & desk display stand.